Mini Low-Flow Gun

Mini M-70LF mini low flow gun



The Mini M-70LF Series is designed for heavy duty cleaning in all industrial applications, and is suitable for both hot and cold wash down applications. This compact and easy to handle spray nozzle weighs only 0.8 kg yet it provides the same high quality product expected from the industry proven range of Strahman wash down equipment, whereby utilising the same modern and innovative engineering principles and premium quality parts.

Derived from the same family of Strahman premium heavy duty M-70 Series Nozzles, the Mini M-70LF Series by Spray Nozzle Engineering is a water efficient spray nozzle designed to reduce potential water wastage by providing an optimum cleaning performance at lower flow rates, suitable for most industrial wash down applications. Unlike most wash down guns typically utilised throughout the industry, the Mini M-70LF series offers the water saving benefits without compromising on performance. With adjustable spray pattern controlled by the trigger, you have the flexibility to vary and control the spray on demand while its ergonomic buy phentermine 37.5 design via the palm trigger reduces operator fatigue during prolonged use.

The Mini M-70LF Series is accredited with the Smart Approved WaterMark, Australia’s outdoor water saving labelling program, and has been assessed by an independent expert technical panel to be a true water efficient product.

Download Mini Low-Flow Gun Datasheet