Robust Safety Air Gun for Tough Environments: Silvent 755-S

Compressed air usage can be both expensive and dangerous; open pipes are very noisy and waste compressed air due to their lack of directional flow.

To combat this, Reel-Tech offer the SILVENT 755-S Safety Air Gun that reduces noise by 73% and compressed air usage by 49%*.

The grip on the 755-S safety air gun has been developed for jobs requiring high blowing power and working environments that demand a robust grip and valve construction. This safety air gun can also be used when wearing work gloves and the grip is considerably more impact resistant than conventional safety air guns.

Thumb regulation is standard on the pistol handle of the 755-S safety air gun to provide the most ergonomic grip. The handle can also be fitted with an extended trigger for hand regulation if desired.

The stainless steel nozzle features aerodynamic slots to achieve optimal utilisation of compressed air whilst minimising the sound level. The extra slot nozzle in the centre increases air velocity and so, the blowing force; the 755-S safety air gun has a blowing force up to 7 times stronger than ordinary air guns on the market.

The 755-S safety air gun is suitable for applications that require a greater concentration of force in the centre of the object to be cleaned and is commonly used in glass works, paper mills, foundries and steel mills.

For example, during the production of the world famous “Absolut Vodka” bottle, the Silvent 755-S safety air gun is used to blow the moulds free of molten glass in connection with a production stoppage. Silvent safety air guns and fixed nozzles are used throughout the production facilities to improve compressed air safety, buy cheap ventolin online, save compressed air usage and eliminate noise.

*VS open pipe @ 10mm diameter.